Many relatives come to foster care and adoption through their own family experiences.

As a relative, taking care of a child you know and love is in many ways the best for the child and their parents. It could be a grandchild, niece or nephew who has already been placed with you, with another relative, with a non-relative caregiver or who hasn’t yet been removed from their parents.  The journey your family takes to care for relatives can be different and depends on the unique circumstances of the child’s permanency plan.

Here are several possibilities for relatives who are considering foster care and adoption. Select the one that best fits your personal situation to learn if becoming a licensed foster or approved adoptive home is the right path for your family.

My relative is living with me in my home.

I do not have a relative currently living with me, but I am hoping to be a placement option.

My relative who lives in another state needs care.

I live in another state, but I have a relative in Iowa who needs care.