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Are you taking advantage of the support available to you?

Your Four Oaks Family Connections Case Worker

As a licensed family, you have a Four Oaks Family Connections Case Worker assigned to you.

He or she can visit you at home, help with behaviors, respond to crisis calls, offer guidance in working with birth families (if approved by DHS), be an advocate for your child’s school or treatment needs, help you find respite or community resources or be a listening ear when you need to talk.

Whenever you need support, have a question or if you’re making a change in your home, please reach out to this person. He or she wants to hear from you! This person will also be your contact for the renewal of your license.

Find a support group

If you’re new to a group, it’s always a good idea to contact the leader first and make sure the date and time are correct. Some groups break for the summer or do not meet during the holidays.