Variety AMP Camp will be held from June 19 – June 24 at the Forest Lake Camp in
Bloomfield, Iowa. Thanks to the generosity of Variety the Children’s Charity, this will mark
the eighth year of camp for foster/adoptive youth. Variety AMP Camp has room for 50 teens,
ages 15-18, and 10 mentors from Aftercare & PAL programs. Campers will participate in camp
activities geared toward teens; the focus of AMP camp is to build advocacy & leadership skills,
improve relationships and practice transitioning to adulthood. Youth are encouraged to be AMP
members or attend an AMP council meeting previous to camp attendance.  Your attendance is
based on the application below and your willingness and ability to follow our camper
expectations.  All activities will emphasize building healthy, active, and involved AMP leaders.
Mentors are encouraged to share their personal story with other campers and staff with the
goal of building personal pride in their journey and hope for a brighter future.
Previous campers rave about AMP Camp!

Applications are available on the AMP website so reserve your spot now!