Creating Your Profile

Create a profile that lets you highlight specific information about your family so DHS Adoption Workers can get to know your home and see if a child who needs a forever home may be a match to your family’s strengths. Four Oaks staff and DHS Adoption Workers will be able to view your profile. A DHS Adoption Worker will contact you directly if they would like to talk with you about a specific child who needs a home.

You will be given a login so you can enter and update your profile as needed.

This resource is for Iowa families with an approved home study who are interested in special needs foster care adoption. This means caring for children with special considerations such as sibling groups, teens, children with emotional or behavioral disorders, children with a history of sexual abuse or other factors. If you aren’t sure if this resource is right for you, please contact us at We’d love to help.

Tips for Starting Your Profile

  • Set aside some focused time for setting up your profile.
  • When you start the form, fill out the general information first and then place a letter in the open text boxes. Then save your profile. Make sure to save as you go along.
  • Consider typing and editing your information in a Word doc. When you are happy with your information, then copy and paste it into the form.