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Your inquiry packet forms

As part of the licensing process, you will need to complete a packet of forms. Each Service Area has a specific and unique set of forms required for inquiry.  These forms will be emailed or mailed to you after you submit your inquiry.

We encourage you to fill out your forms ahead of time and bring them completed to your information session. Please complete an application for either Foster Care or Adoption, or you can complete both applications if you want to do both.

If you’re not sure which application you need to complete, please check with the staff at the information session before turning in your packet. If you aren’t able to complete them in advance or have questions you would like to ask at the session, that’s okay, too. Either way, make sure you bring them to the information session. There will also be packets available at the session for those who need them. If you are not attending an in-person session, there will be mailing instructions on the first page of the packet.

Out of State Background Check Forms

If you have lived in another state within the last 5 years, we are required to run your name through the child abuse registry in that state before you can be approved as a foster and/or adoptive home. Please print off 1 form for each person age 14 or older who has lived in another state in the last 5 years.

If the state requests the form be notarized, please make sure it is signed in front of a notary before you send it back to us. Some states charge a fee to process child abuse registry requests, but you do not need to pay this fee; we pay this fee. Please do not send us any money with your completed forms.

Do not mail the forms to the state. You can turn in your completed, signed, and dated forms to your caseworker. If you receive the out of state forms after you have already attended a session or had a home visit, please mail forms to your caseworker.

If you don’t see your state listed below, then a form is not required for that particular state.