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There are three paths you can take moving forward—you don’t have to choose yet because the process is the same for all three.

for foster care


Licensed for foster care
& approved for adoption


for adoption only

We’ll help you choose what’s right for you as you go along.

Your process

It usually takes about six to nine months to complete this process. You’ll need to:

  1. If you are located in Service Area’s Covered by Four Oaks Family Connections, please review this orientation guide (Orientation in Spanish) prior to submitting an inquiry below.
  2. Fill out an online inquiry form (click here)
  3. Complete an Orientation for Prospective Foster/Adoptive Parents online or by phone (click here to select a date/time)
  4. Complete fingerprint and background checks (forms sent to you after inquiry)
  5. Attend a ten-week series of training classes called TIPS-MAPP
  6. Before completion of TIPS MAPP class/home study process you will need to complete CPR/FA training, Mandatory Reporter Training, Medication Management booklet, Universal Precautions booklet, and watch RPPS video/training online. Click here for training requirements. If you already have some of these trainings completed please review and give certificates to your homestudy worker as you may not need to redo them.
  7. Upon completion of your home study by your RRTS Caseworker it will be submitted to DHS for final approval of a foster care license and/or adoption approval.

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