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We’re so thankful you chose to be a foster or adoptive family!

If this is your first year as a foster home or if you would just like a little more information about renewal, you’re in the right place.

When does renewal happen?

All foster families are issued a one year license for the first two years of their licensure. After the first two years, Iowa issues two-year licenses for foster care (with some exceptions) and does annual updates for adoption.

If you are licensed for foster care and approved for adoption, you will have renewal paperwork to complete every two years for the foster care part (following the first two annual renewals) and every year for the adoption part.

Even though foster care licenses are renewed every two years, there are still some things that will happen annually, such as completing your required six hours of training and having an unannounced visit from your support specialist.

You will receive a letter from your case worker when it’s time to start thinking about your renewal. He or she will provide you with a checklist of all paperwork you will need to gather or sign. He or she will also follow up with reminders from time to time, and you can always contact him or her with questions.

Here’s a quick summary of what training you’ll need in your first few years for foster care licensing:

What training do I need my second year?


Do you have any tips?

We know you already have so much going on as a foster or adoptive family! Staying on top of your training and your renewal process will make your life much easier.

Here are some tips:
  • If you aren’t sure, ask! Keep in touch with your case worker and ask questions in advance so you give yourself enough time to prepare.
  • Plan your six hours of training early on to give yourself enough time. (A maximum of three hours can be completed online).
  • Submit your training reports and proof of training to your licensing specialist within 30 days after the training.
  • Give yourself time to gather documents that may take longer to get, such as the copy of your current pet vaccinations from your vet, copy of your auto insurance and driver’s license and copy of your rural water supply inspection (if applicable) Your case worker can give you a full checklist of what you’ll need if you don’t already have one.